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Lifestyle Technology Group was founded in the Summer of 2004.  Founding member, Joe Scheckle had been offered a post abroad by his employer (a large multi-national enterprise) within the Fileserver and Related-Technologies field. Acknowledging the opportunities before him and his family, he had to sit down and do some soul-searching and ask where his priorities and loyalties lay.  The answer was a surprise to the many people who thought that this would be his opportunity to spread his wings internationally, but not to Joe.  He knew in his heart that he loved his home country South Africa and especially his hometown, Cape Town.  Introspection can lead one to make life-changing moves.  And that's exactly what Joe did.  He resolved to make a difference in his family's life and in the lives of others in the best way he knew how....using his talents which lay within the areas of Information Technology, Music Creation, Stringed Instrument Repair, Restoration and Maintenance.

The result is Lifestyle Technology Group.

A company founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and a sense of freedom and opportunity that only South Africa can provide.



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