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This is just a part of a large private collection.  More items to follow, so keep checking back...


Paul Reed Smith Guitars

This section contains the PRS guitars in my collection.  These are some fantastic instruments.  I am not worthy!



Fender Guitars

This section contains the Fender guitars in my collection.  These are the cornerstones ... the benchmark by which we measure all others.




Gone but not forgotten...

Fender Stratocaster '62 Re-Issue  1994 model  Made in Japan

    SOLD - Thanks Guy!

EMG SV active pickups and EMG EXG and EMG SPC active tone pots.  This is a David Gillmore set with the SA pickups replaced with SV pickups for that vintage look and sound.  These Jap Strats gained a reputation for their excellent quality and this one's a great example!



Cort MGM  Matt "Guitar" Murphy  1998 Model

    SOLD - Thanks Cliff!

This is one of the originals with fatter neck and the sought-after original non-adjustable pole-piece Mighty-Mite pickups   These were not shipped with hard cases, so this one's got a strangely shaped case, but it fits fine.  3-way toggle and      push-pull tone for coil splitting.



Cort Artisan A6 6-string Bass  1998 Model

    SOLD - Thanks Trent!

This 6-string beauty has a Wenge / Maple through-neck with curly maple body.  Dual humbucking Mighty-Mite pickups with active tone circuitry and gold harware.  A hardshell case is included.  A large bass for an absolutely HUGE sound.




Vox AC-30 Amplifier  1995 Model  Made in England

    SOLD - Thanks Guy!

Vox AC-30/6 TB in mint condition.  It's got the blue speakers and the tone is glorious.




Fender Stratocaster '62 Re-Issue  1995 model  Made in USA

    SOLD - Thanks Mike!

Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pickups and 5-way selector switch installed.  The original Fender Custom Shop '57/'62 pickups and 3-way selector are included.




Ibanez 540R  1988 Model

    SOLD - Thanks Shawn!

The 540R was the basis for the Joe Satriani model so you get the same curvy body. This one's had it's original IBZ pickups replaced by DiMarzio pickups.  PAF Pro in the bridge and HS-2's in the the middle and neck positions.  The original Edge trem and humbucker surround have been replaced with chrome and the replacement trem is an Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge trem.



Cort Starlite  circa 2000 Model

     SOLD with unused Fender FM65R amp - Thanks Everard!

Wilkinson trem and roller nut.  Push-pull tone pot for splitting the coils of the humbucker.  Nicely figured birds-eye maple neck.  Includes padded gig-bag.




Ovation Celebrity Cutaway  circa 1999 Model

    SOLD with amp - Thanks Jason!

Shallow-bowl cutaway with active preamp.  Includes padded gig-bag.




Samick KR574  1989 Model

    SOLD with pickups upgraded to Select EMG - Thanks Adrian!

Floyd Rose trem with locking nut.  5-way selector and strat-style tone layout.  Includes padded gig-bag.






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